Business taxi travel accounts

Being an account holder with Taunton Taxi Services comes with many benefits. The business solution is a web-based self-service admin console. It gives our clients a tool to manage their employee's enrolment and centralize all taxi/travel expenses. It empowers our business account clients to be self-sufficient, but also immensely reduces the operational work for us & our clients to service these accounts. Key benefits provided by our business solution include:


Reduce operational costs for our clients

  • Reduced admin - the admin of managing business accounts is handled by our clients with ease & simplicity

  • Invoice management - Auto-generate and send invoices on agreed frequency to our clients.

  • Payment management - Multiple payment options are provided for our clients.


Better user experience for employees

  • Easy of Booking - we provide seamless, consistent booking experience to suit all of our clients, big and small.

  • Easy flip between corporate & personal travel - access business & personal account within the same passenger app or web booker.

  • Employees no longer have to complete expense reports & multiple receipts. Employee taxi travel can be billed straight to the business account.


Empowering our clients to better manage & streamline your taxi travel

  • Self-service portal - Corporate account customers manage users and all their taxi travel through the self-serve admin console.

  • Travel rules management - Businesses can customize their own travel rules based on locations permitted, time, frequency and fare cost.

  • Taxi Expense automation - with centralized employee receipts, the business no longer has to manage paper receipts.

  • Cost control & reporting - Centralised expense reporting and dashboards are provided on users & trips. The account customer can easily manage allowed tips and approved trips.

  • Virtual coupon management - create & distribute virtual coupons for taxi travel.

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We know that our clients can often be rushed for time. Maybe they want to meet up with colleagues or major business contact or call upon a courier to deliver a crucial business document; in any of these situations, reliable transport at short notice can be essential to your organization.

While we routinely deliver our professional service with speed, professionalism, and convenience, regular corporate users of these services can look forward to an even more streamlined, professional & cost-effective experience when they register for a corporate account. This is so-called for a simple reason: it will make you our priority, regardless of the size or nature of your business.

Business or Personal, Work or Leisure, we will take care of you from door to door

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