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5 Reasons why to Download our taxi app

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to book your taxi from anywhere. In this post we’ll share 5 reasons why to book your taxi via our app.

#1 Convenience

On the app, you have everything you need to manage your taxi bookings in one place. You can create new bookings, cancel & amend journeys and more. To head to your download our app visit the mobile app page on our website.

#2 Safety & Security

Did you know that you can track your driver every step of the journey? With our brand new taxi booking app, we provide full track & traceability which you can share your live route with friends & family, so they know you're safe. Taunton Taxi Services prides itself on forward thinking safety for passengers & drivers.

#3 Get access to the nearest vehicles

Here at Taunton Taxi Services, we have a very sophisticated & intelligent taxi dispatch system, which will find the nearest vehicle to your pick up location in seconds. Doing our bit & as well as your bit, for the planet by reducing less mileage.

#4 Automatic Receipts

When you book your taxi journey through our taxi app, Taunton Taxi Services will automatically send you a PDF copy of your receipt, which is perfect for those travelling on business & need expense tracking. An itemized receipt will be sent via email once your journey has been completed.

#5 Is there Uber in Taunton?

A question asked and the answer is NO. Uber do not operate in Taunton, forget uber. Why use uber, when you have the safety & security aspects in our taxi booking app that is owned by locals. We are a family run business, with the technology to rival uber & security aspects to surpass it, often at a fraction of the cost.

There you have it, 5 reasons why to download the Taunton Taxi Services app, available on iOS & google play. Alternatively you can call 01823 248248 or book your taxi journey online.


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